sea turtle conservation goals

Sea Turtle conservation goals

The threats facing sea turtles are numerous and, for the most part, humans are the problem. For those of us trying to protect sea turtles, it is a mixed blessing that so many threats are human-caused. On one hand, it is very hard to change human behavior to help with sea turtle conservation goals.  On the other hand, at least there is hope for eliminating threats. If sea turtles were going extinct because of geological or climatic changes, there would be very little we could do to help.

Some immediate sea turtle conservation goals for protecting sea turtles include:

  • Crack down on illegal international trade in sea turtles and their products by enforcing laws and agreements.
  • Decrease the turtle deaths caused by commercial fishing through enforcement of Turtle Excluder Device (TED) and gill net regulations.
  • Protect nesting beaches by establishing parks and refuges or through regulations combined with public education initiatives.
  • Eliminate disturbances at nesting beaches by decreasing artificial lighting, halting beach armoring, regulating beach nourishment and limiting
    the impacts of people on the beach.
  • Enforce national and international laws to minimize the dumping of pollutants and solid waste into the ocean and nearshore waters.
  • Continue research and monitoring activities so that the population can be monitored and conservation efforts can be focused where they are
    most needed.
  • Increase public awareness and community participation in sea turtle conservation through educational programs such as this.

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Sea Turtle conservation goals


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