SERIES Trashy Thursday - 06/06/2019

SERIES Trashy Thursday - 06/06/2019

Tortugas Gear is beginning a Thursday series to help bring awareness to the problem of the trash that is polluting our oceans and endangering our marine life including #SeaTurtles; #Sharks, #Whales; #Dolphins; #Fish and many more. Our goal is to help educate and raise awareness to you and help provide solutions. You can help by beginning a lifestyle change of recycling, re-using, and making a concerted effort to spread the word and protect our oceans and the life within them. Project AWARE; Atlantic White Shark Conservancy; Whale and Dolphin Conservation; Sea Turtle Conservancy; The Key West Sea Turtle Club; Ocean Conservancy

Take action today in your own life to THINK about the trash you create. Also, if you see trash, dispose of it properly. Don't let "somebody else" take care of it...Be the one to start the change.

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