Tortugas Gear - who we are


We are ocean and mountain lovers supporting clean waters, marine and mountain wildlife.  "From the mountains to the seas, keep our waters trash free".

Our story together began in the 599 zip code area in Montana in 2008. The areas around beautiful Flathead Lake and valley have zip codes that begin with 599.  We got engaged at the Grouse Mountain Lodge in Whitefish on a weekend trip there while living in another part of Montana. We loved exploring around Flathead Lake, Glacier Park, as well as the surrounding areas and watching mountain wildlife. Our hearts have always been drawn here, and we celebrate the beauty of the 599!

During the 7 years we lived in Florida, we were lucky enough to attend a sea turtle nest excavation at Canaveral National seashore. The morning after the nest hatched, the biologist would come and pull out all the eggs to count them. Sometimes there were still still baby turtles who had not been able to get out of the nest with the others. In this nest, there were seven baby sea turtles still alive. The biologist got them out, we were able to briefly hold one, see the babies up close, and watch them make the frantic run to the sea.

We always loved sea turtles, but that experience really drove home the struggles that sea turtles go through just to make it to the ocean, let alone adulthood. While the odds are slim, we hope one of those turtles will make it to adulthood and return to the beach where it was born.

Living on the Atlantic coast of Florida, we frequently saw sharks, and manatees too. We learn more about them all the time, and just can’t get enough of them! We are fascinated with their migrations, habits, and are constantly learning more about the threats they face.

Our professional careers have included emergency services and healthcare, so continuing to give back to the environment around us is important to us.  With respect and fascination for the creatures that live in our seas and on our lands, we hope to bring awareness to the importance of their survival, while supporting other organizations that have similar goals. 

As of July 2019, we are happy to announce that we have paired with the Sea Turtle Conservancy, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, and the Save the Manatee Club to help support their work.  For each sale of sea turtle, white shark or manatee products, a portion of the sale will be donated to their respective organizations!

We are expanding our offerings to include designs of our beautiful Montana, and are researching organizations to partner with and donate a portion of profits to form sales of Montana items!

We need healthy waters.  From the mountains to the seas, we are all connected.  Thank you for helping us support the environment we all live in.

Bob and Sara